Welded Mesh Suppliers in Gauteng – Rebar Services

Welded Mesh Suppliers in Gauteng – Rebar Services

As top welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng, you will find the best quality reinforcement mesh and rebar for your application needs at Rebar Services. Welded mesh us used in various applications, and it is essential to obtain your reinforcing products from a reputable supplier in South Africa for the best results.

Rebar Services has established an outstanding reputation amongst companies in Gauteng as a top welded mesh supplier. We guarantee customer satisfaction by providing high quality welded mesh as well as high service levels. Contact Rebar Services today should you need more information about our welded mesh or steel reinforcing bars and related services in Gauteng or the rest of South Africa.

Specifications and advantages of welded mesh from Rebar Services

Top quality welded mesh products from reputable welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng can lead to a considerable saving in time, labour and ultimately money. These welded mesh products are electrically fused prefabricated grids consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires.

As the mesh is welded together, it does not affect the structure of the metal. Welded mesh is widely used in many different application, including building, construction, fencing, transport, mining and many more.

Rebar Services, welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng, has the ability to supply welded mesh products that best suits our clients needs. Should you require installation services of your reinforcing products, Rebar Services’s professional and experienced team will gladly assist.

Why Rebar Services is the best choice of welded mesh suppliers for you

As a well-rounded welded mesh supplier in Gauteng, Rebar Services offers all the services you will require for your reinforcement project. We can supply all the project from our own yard, offer limited on-site cutting and bending, or offer a complete on-site cutting and bending option as per our clients’ needs.

You are also guaranteed of high quality welded mesh products, as all reinforcing steel supplied by Rebar Services conforms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement) and all cut and bend services comply with SANS 282 (Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete). Trust the leading welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng, contact Rebar Services today for more information.

Contact Rebar Services – Welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng

Contact Rebar Services, trusted welded mesh suppliers in Gauteng, today for more information about our available products and services, and how we can assist with your reinforcing needs.

A sales consultant will gladly provide you with all the information you need! Join our list of satisfied clients today!

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