Steel Reinforcement for Construction – Rebar Services

Steel Reinforcement for Construction – Rebar Services

Steel bars and welded mesh are widely used in the construction industry. Rebar Services is a top supplier of steel reinforcement for construction, supplying a range of steel products for reinforcement purposes. Our experienced and professional team at Rebar Services will assist you with the best solution to fit your reinforcement needs.

We have gained extensive experience in the manufacturing an installation of steel reinforcement for construction. You can trust us to deliver steel products that meet your requirements and a service that exceeds your expectation. Contact Rebar Services today for more information about steel reinforcement for construction.

About steel reinforcement for your construction project

Steel reinforcement such as welded mesh and rebar is used to help concrete structures withstand tension forces. Although concrete is strong is compression forces, it has quite a low tensile strength which causes cracks in the concrete structure. Steel reinforcement can be supplied in the following form:

  • Reinforcing bars (rebar): Most steel rebar products feature a deformed surface (patterned with bumps), which ultimately helps the steel to bond with the concrete. Steel rebar is widely used as reinforcement in a number of construction projects including roadworks, buildings, bridges and more.
  • Welded mesh: Welded mesh consist of steel bars that have been welded together to for a wire mat, which is the cast into the concrete structure for reinforcement. Welded mesh speeds up the construction times immensely, offering effective reinforcement to the structure.

Rebar Services is a leading supplier and manufacturer of welded mesh and steer rebar for various construction applications and needs.

Installation of steel reinforcement in construction applications

As a leading supplier of steel reinforcement for construction, we supply the following services:

  • Project management: Rebar Services supplies a complete project management service to our clients should they require these services. Our experienced and professional team will oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring a successful project completion.
  • Installation: Our reinforcing steel installation services are very cost-effective, and we will strive to offer our client a professional and timely service. When making use of our experienced team for your construction reinforcement, you are ensured of accurate and satisfying results.

Contact Rebar Services about our steel reinforcement for construction

Make use of the trusted steel reinforcement contractors in Gauteng for your construction needs. Rebar Services will supply you with the best solution for your project, no matter how big or small, and we will execute each project professionally and according to your satisfaction.

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