Reinforcement Steel Suppliers – Rebar Services

Reinforcement Steel Suppliers – Rebar Services

If you are looking for reinforcement steel suppliers in Gauteng, look no further than Rebar Services. We have built strong relationships with many well-known companies in South Africa, and are rapidly becoming the reinforcement steel suppliers of choice.

Excellent and efficient levels of service combined with our high quality reinforcements products is the key to Rebar Services’s success. Join our network of happy clients, get your reinforcement products from Rebar Services today. Should you need more information about our products, enquire today and a friendly consultant will gladly assist.

Servicing top companies in Gauteng with quality reinforcement steel products

As one of the leading reinforcement steel suppliers in Gauteng, you will find all the reinforcement products you will require for your construction project from Rebar Services. There are various types of steel reinforcement for various applications and needs, which include:

  • Reinforcing bars (Rebar): Reinforcing bars, also known as rebar, are hot-rolled steel made in different strength grades. Steel rebar is used widely in the construction industry, especially to reinforce concrete structures. Reinforcement bar is cast into the concrete to improve the tension of the structure. There are various types of rebar strengths, sizes and finishes available for different applications. Contact Rebar Services, reinforcement steel supplier in Gauteng, for more information about our steel rebar products available.
  • Reinforcing mesh: Reinforcing mesh, or welded mesh, is used in various different environments. From household to heavy industrial usage, welded mesh is a very popular choice for reinforcement. Rebar Services, leading reinforcement steel suppliers, supplies high quality reinforcement mesh for all your construction, building or other needs. The benefits and features of welded includes:
  • Reinforcing mesh offers excellent bonding with concrete while improving the tension of the structure and minimising crack-widths.
  • Reinforcing mesh can also be shaped according to your specific needs, and is available in different widths, diameters and openings.
  • Welded mesh has a high tensile strength
  • Welded mesh from Rebar Services, trusted reinforcement steel suppliers in Gauteng, all conform to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete).

Contact Rebar Services today for more information about our welded mesh products

If you are looking for a reinforcement steel suppliers that offer excellent products and satisfying levels of service, contact Rebar Services today. We will see to it that you receive the best reinforcing steel products for your construction needs, and all within the required timeframe.

Make use of the reputable reinforcement steel suppliers in GautengContact Rebar Services today.

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