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Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Supplier

Concrete reinforcing mesh is widely used in the construction industry, present in concrete slabs for roads, buildings and other structures. Rebar Services is a leading supplier of concrete reinforcing mesh, and have assisted many clients in the construction industry to efficiently reinforce structures in various applications.

If you are in need of a steel reinforcement company to assist with your construction project reinforcing, contact Rebar Services today. We will supply all the steel rebar and mesh you require, all at a cost-effective price.

About concrete reinforcing mesh from Rebar Services

Concrete is the most popular material used for construction of large structures, due to its high compound strength. Although concrete is a strong material, it is weak in tensile strength. This is why steel is used to reinforce the concrete structure, as its high tensile strength will strengthen the concrete structure. Welded wire mesh is ideal to reinforce concrete, which consists of pieces of wire or rebar that is welded together to form a grid pattern. The concrete reinforcing mesh openings’ diameters come in various sizes, and the wire mesh can be cut and bent to fit almost any shape structure.

Concrete reinforcing mesh is a very effective and cost efficient method when it comes to the construction of large structures and buildings. Talk to an Rebar Services consultant today for more information about our concrete reinforcing mesh products and services available.

Contact REBAR SERVICES for all your Reinforcing Steel Needs

Concrete reinforcing mesh and rebar from Rebar Services

We produce a range of reinforcement steel products including welded mesh and steel rebar for reinforcement of concrete structures. You can rest assured that our products will meet your specifications and requirements, ensuring a successful reinforcement project.

Trust Rebar Services with your steel rebar and concrete reinforcing mesh products and services:

  • All reinforcing steel supplied conforms to SANS 920 (Steel bars for concrete reinforcement).
  • All cut and bend complies with SANS 282 (Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete).
  • IPM stocks a complete range of reinforcing mesh, all conforming to SANS 1024 (Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete). Any other reference of mesh can be sourced at short notice.

Rebar Services will supply you with high quality products and excellent levels of service, ensuring that our clients are satisfied when using Rebar Servicesfor their concrete reinforcing mesh and services needs.

Contact the trusted concrete reinforcing mesh suppliers in Gauteng today for more information about our available products and services, and how we can assist with your reinforcing project / construction needs. A sales consultant will gladly provide you with all the information you need – Join our list of satisfied clients today!

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